What You Need to Know about GPS Tracking Devices


OK Warriors, let’s get to the nitty gritty of what you need to know about GPS tracking units for vehicles.  These can be invaluable and save you lots of money on private investigators.

First – Click here to Google “gps tracking laws in each state” in order to find what’s legal in your state.  Do your homework.  Always.  Find out the law even if you have to call a lawyer or a private investigator in your area to find out.  As a litigation paralegal, I was taught very early in my career that the side which is the most prepared (and has done their homework) is usually the side that wins.  I know that to be true!

Where I live, it’s perfectly legal to put GPS tracking units on any vehicle that is titled in your name or jointly in your name.  And that was my dilemma: the vehicle my cheater usually drove was marital property but it was titled solely in his name.  So, there was a huge grey area which I discussed both with my lawyer and with my private investigator when I was deciding whether or not to buy one and put it on his car.

If you are faced with such a situation, do what your lawyer tells you to do.  You do not want to risk facing criminal chargers over something like this.  A private investigator (or you and your friends) can follow your cheater.  I’ll post more later on following someone without getting caught but you can Google it for now.

If you decide to use a GPS tracking unit, I highly recommend one from SpyTec.  The unit is great. The service is great.  The company is great and very helpful.  This is the unit I like: SpyTec Prime GPS.  Make sure you also purchase the Waterproof Magnetic Case.

After charging the unit, place it on your vehicle and track yourself for a day.  Get used to how it operates and how the online tracking works.  This unit allows you to set a “geofence” that will text your phone when the car leaves or returns the area you set.

This unit will also give you the address wherever the vehicle stops.  Once you have that, you can Google the address to find out who lives there.

Place the tracker under the back bumper of the vehicle as high under the bumper as you can get it. The satellite signals actually bounce off the roadway under your vehicle. Do not place the unit anywhere near the engine compartment or inside the vehicle! Those locations are way too easy to spot.

Hide the unit as best you can up under the bumper.  You don’t want an auto repair guy to find it while rotating tires!  I was lucky.  My Ram 1500 had the perfect place to stick the unit under the middle of the back bumper.  It was completely hidden so I was confident no one would find it.  The magnets on the case are very strong – you don’t have to worry about it falling off the vehicle.

The battery on this unit lasts about 4 days so you’ll need to be adept at removing it, charging it and replacing it.  Keep your wits about you.  Keep the charging cord where only you have access to it and in a place where you can get to it, use it and put it away. Think this through and plan it out! (These are the types of things I discuss in my Coaching sessions!)

BE VERY CAREFUL when placing or removing the unit that you don’t get caught. Chances are you won’t get caught – if there is really cheating going on, the cheater is on such a high from all the attention and adrenaline that they rarely think anyone is smart enough to catch them.

Practice your excuse beforehand so it rolls right off your tongue if you do get caught.  I never got caught but I already had my excuse prepared and practiced:

“What are you doing down there?”

“Oh I lost the back to my earring, and I think it rolled up under here.”

Simple as that, Warriors!  Make your excuse simple & plausible and practice, practice, practice before you place the unit on the vehicle.

Do your best not to get discouraged!  If nothing suspicious happens, YEA!  Maybe your fears are baseless.  Give it a couple of months and just keep your eyes and ears open. Cheaters always tell on themselves sooner or later.

You might not catch your cheater right away.  I didn’t.  It took a few weeks, and I wound up having to set him up (you can read about it on the My Story page).  Do your best to keep your cool. Remember, the one who keeps their wits in these types of situations is usually the one who wins!

Walk on, Warriors!




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