I Love Warriors


It must be in my DNA.  I love Warriors.  I love fighters.  I love beings that don’t quit.  I love beings that persevere & persist & just keep getting up every time life knocks them down.

There’s something about the Warrior Spirit that calls to me.  Warrior Spirit is courageous yet smart.  It’s not about fighting just to fight.  It’s not about hanging in there with someone who is abusive or unloving.

As I said in my post about the Surrender Point, there’s a time to surrender something lesser in the pursuit of something greater.  The Warrior Spirit knows the difference between quitting and surrendering.

I met a kindred Warrior over the weekend.  Her husband cheated on her and tried to break her spirit.  I met her when she was selling every single item she had purchased as she renovated their home including sinks, window blinds and toilets.

Her husband really did his best to screw her over, but she is a Warrior and she fought back.  He had her arrested on trumped up charges.  She won that battle.  He had her evicted from their marital home.  She won that battle too – when he comes home, he’s not even going to have a toilet to sit on. Under the law, she was allowed to remove every item that she had purchased and had a receipt for.

I loved her the minute I met her!  How could I not?  This Warrior is protecting herself and reclaiming what belongs to her!

There are moments when I wish I was a witch & could twitch my nose to be a fly on the wall – I would love to be there when he opens that front door & goes through that house. Bwahahaha! Serves the bastard right!

It’s really so simple for us Warriors:  When relationships no longer serve us, we leave. We don’t find a replacement first.  We just leave.  That’s what healthy adults do. And if a Warrior is mistreated or cheated on, we protect ourselves then we surrender and let the Universe work it’s magic in our lives. That’s also what healthy adults do.

Unhealthy adults jump from relationship to relationship because they can’t stand to be alone.  They can’t stand to be alone because they don’t have a healthy relationship with the person that stares back at them in the mirror.  They don’t have the intestinal fortitude for self-examination and personal growth.

I love Warriors – we don’t mind looking in the mirror.  We welcome the self-exploration, the growth and the challenges.  Even when it’s so damn painful, we persevere in becoming better people.  It’s our calling.  It’s in our DNA.  We’ll go anywhere as long as it’s forward.

Man, I love Warriors!  So walk on, Warriors!  I’ve got your back!




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