You’re Fired!


Oh my!  You just got fired!  Now what?

Again, been there.  Done that.  Don’t need the stinkin’ t-shirt.  The first time I got fired, I was 19. The last time I got fired, I was 40.  Trust me, it was just as traumatic the last time as it was the first.  What I know now that I didn’t know then is that each time it happened, the Universe was using the experience to move me forward.  You’ll discover that too but it might take a while.

So, now what?

Warriors, you’re going to get tired of me saying this but it really is the best thing you can do: Shut. Up.  Seriously!  Shut the F up!  Find one person you trust to talk to or call me but limit your conversations to only one or two most trusted people.  The worst thing I ever did when I got fired was talk about it publicly.  It came back to bite me in the butt.

The absolute worst thing for you is to have a public blow up that tarnishes your reputation and injures your prospects of finding another job.  Remember that!

The thing about employment BreakUps is that, when you really sit down and are honest with yourself, you know it’s for the better.  And most of the time, you get fired from a job you hate anyway so why are you stressing about it???

Think about it.  If things had gotten so bad that you were fired, were you really happy there?  Isn’t there something else you would rather do or someplace else you would rather work?

If it was a layoff situation, do you really want to work someplace that’s mismanaged or going under financially?

Pick yourself up and let’s move forward.  The sooner you get over the shock and get to work finding another job, the better.  So sit in the middle of the floor and cry if you need to, but get up every day, get dressed and do at least one thing to get started finding another job.

So Step One is to shut up.  Whine and cry to your most trusted friend or to me.  In front of everyone else (including your former employer), hold your head high and think of something to say that feels good to you: “I’m doing really well thanks!  Looking forward to a new venture!” or “I’m so excited to see what the future holds!” or “Gotta love that Universe!  Pushing me forward even when I didn’t think I was ready!  But I’ve discovered I am ready and I’m excited about my future!”.

Step Two:  Network – let everyone you know help you with your job search.  Use social media. Make sure you have a killer resume and share it with everyone you can.

Step Three: Use the Internet to post your resume to sites like Indeed and Monster. Search those sites for jobs that might interest you and apply.  The more interviews you go on, the higher your chances are of finding another job.

Most importantly, check your Mindset several times a day.  Stay upbeat and positive as much as you can.  Tell the voices in your head to shut up! Tell them you’ve got this and their feedback is not appreciated!

Getting fired isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, Warrior!  Search the Internet for stories about famous people who have been fired and come back to enjoy even more success.

You got this!!






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