Everyone Needs Good Mentors


Louise Hay made her transition today at the age of 90.  She was one who introduced me, several decades ago, to a different way to think and feel about life.  She had a tremendous influence on me even though we never actually met.  Her passing has me thinking about my mentors – ones I have met and ones I haven’t.  Godspeed, Louise!

Who are your mentors?  The ones you have met and the ones you haven’t?  Reflect on what you learned from them.  How has the influence of each of them shaped who you are?

Do you include any of your family members?  What about close friends?

Think of all the areas of your life – you probably have more mentors than you realize.  I count as my mentors even people who have taught me things that were unpleasant to learn at the time.  It’s interesting to think of people in that category that I don’t want anywhere near me, yet they had a tremendous influence on me.

The dictionary defines a Mentor as a “trusted and experienced advisor“.  In my way of thinking, that includes those unpleasant people and their lessons too.  They have all made me who I am today.

If I am happy and content with who I am today, then how can I hate or blame those “negative mentors”?  I can’t.  They blessed me with their presence and their lessons.

Can you blame your negative mentors?  How?  How can you blame them for helping on your journey?  Just because it was unpleasant?  Really?  Didn’t you learn something from them?

Think about it.  I’d love to know whether or not you agree with me about being blessed even with “negative mentors”.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some gratitude for my mentors:

My Dad, Jack Elam – he’s my hero.

David Bailey who taught me that you should never fly coach when you have the ability to fly first class.

Bill Horsley who taught me most of what I know about the practice of law and being prepared for every contingency.

Esther and Jerry Hicks & Abraham who taught me everything.  Seriously, just everything.

Mike Dooley who taught me that thoughts become things.

Pat Parelli who taught me to focus on what I want and ignore the rest.

Linda Parelli who taught me that “Hmmmm … how interesting!” is sometimes the best response you can offer.

Buck Brannaman (God knows I love this man!) who taught me more than I could ever begin to say.

Brent Graef who taught me that it’s not about trusting your horse, it’s about trusting yourself.

Ray Hunt whose teachings live on in Buck Brannaman and Brent Graef.  He passed before I had the chance to meet him.  One of my few “life regrets”.

Tony Robbins who taught me that I can change my state just by changing my physical stance (among so many other things).

Louise Hay who taught me that I can indeed heal my life.

Marlin Hershey who taught me to trust my gut.

Windfall Shaman aka Lucky Bucky who taught me to trust myself.

Everette “Big Daddy” Moyer who taught me that sometimes the best family you can have is the one you choose to love, not necessarily the one you’re related to.

Gerry Pearson who helped make my childhood dreams come true.

Fancy Lady aka Doodlebug who taught me patience.

Bob Bonnett who taught me about Narcissistic Sociopaths, and that I possess an indomitable Warrior Spirit.

Bucks Daidream Believer aka Daisy who teaches me dignity and grace every day.

Tyler Johnston who taught me how deeply I can love.

Take a moment today to appreciate those who have shaped you into who you are today. Who would each of us be without our mentors’ influences in our lives?






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