Let Them Walk


I stumbled across one of the most powerful videos I have ever seen last night.  The wealth of knowledge, entertainment and inspiration available on Youtube just boggles my mind.  What a luxury to live in these technological times!

This is the video I saw last night – I watched it over and over:

Let Them Walk, T.D. Jakes

I’m more a spiritual Native American type than a Christian type so I had to get past the “preachiness” but the references to Orpah (not to be confused with Oprah) and David are solid.  And I do love T.D. Jakes.  He is such an inspiring man.

If you don’t know the story of Orpah, it’s worth reading the link.  She failed the test put before her and stayed in her comfort zone rather than having the faith to live large.

This message to let them walk is so powerful!

Some people are not meant to be lifelong people.  Some people are just here for a few seasons.  This is why modern marriage vows are so troubling – “til death do us part” and such.  We’re taught that the phrase means we are bound to one another until one of us dies.  That’s not true.

Actually death doesn’t part us.  Nothing parts us from those we love ever.  We are connected for eternity.  (Here’s a secret – we’re all connected to one another and we are eternally bound to one another!)  In life, the form of our connectedness changes over time, yet we are always connected.

“I believe that we are here for each other, not against each other.  Everything comes from an understanding that you are a gift in my life – whomever you are.  Whatever our differences.” – John Denver

And again, I digress!

Back to Letting Them Walk:

Life happens for us, not to us.  It’s for your benefit when someone not meant to stay actually leaves.  Let them go!  Learn what they offered to teach you.  Embrace the growth.  Love them and let them go.

When people leave your life, LET THEM GO.

Don’t ever beg anyone to love you!  If someone doesn’t know how to love you, it’s on them.  Read my post about Being Unloveable.

You don’t want someone in your life who doesn’t want to be there.  You deserve someone who can’t stand to NOT be in your life.

Watch the video.  Then watch it again.  I’ve watched it about 30 times since last night.

Keep watching it until you really get the message.

Your destiny is never tied to anyone that left … Let them walk.

Bonus:  One of my favorite songs & videos – The Gift You Are (this is the only video recording of this song).

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