My Favorite Apps, Software & Websites

Warriors, don't you just love technology?  We can communicate almost instantly with anyone around the globe at any time.  We can learn almost anything we want to know at the tips of our fingers.  We can find old friends and make new ones.  Shoot, my truck even emailed me this week!  She said she needs … Continue reading My Favorite Apps, Software & Websites

Webcams & Voice Activated Recorders

Warriors - I have seen some ads this week for webcams & voice activated recorders cleverly disguised as all kinds of things: light bulbs, USB phone chargers, clocks, USB thumb drives, etc.  I'm concerned that people are buying and using these without researching the legal ramifications.  You can go to jail for this stuff! PLEASE … Continue reading Webcams & Voice Activated Recorders

What You Need to Know about GPS Tracking Devices

OK Warriors, let's get to the nitty gritty of what you need to know about GPS tracking units for vehicles.  These can be invaluable and save you lots of money on private investigators. First - Click here to Google "gps tracking laws in each state" in order to find what's legal in your state.  Do … Continue reading What You Need to Know about GPS Tracking Devices