The Worst Thing

Right now, you believe that the worst thing that has happened to you is that someone has destroyed your ability to trust other human beings.  You believe that you will never trust anyone again.  You're right in that your ability to trust others has been damaged.  Perhaps it has been severely damaged. But that's not … Continue reading The Worst Thing

Your People

  Most of you know that I rarely advocate looking back at your personal past.  I do believe wholeheartedly that looking back is essential to your personal growth - just don't get stuck there.  Looking back on occasion is also essential to see how far you've come, and telling your past stories is also of … Continue reading Your People

A Blog I Adore by a Man I Have Loved All My Life

I wanted to pass this along to you - it's a new blog about my friend's journey with cancer.  It's funny, irreverent and brilliant.  Just like it's author. (I'm wasted and) I can't find my way home If cancer has touched your life in any way, read this blog, follow it and share it. Writing … Continue reading A Blog I Adore by a Man I Have Loved All My Life

Boundaries & Balance

You never know when a person's hard limit is crossed.  You also never know how a person will respond when that hard limit is ignored or crossed.  When people feel threatened, hard-wiring kicks in and we go into Survival Mode. In Survival Mode, you sink deeper and deeper into this black hole where you feel … Continue reading Boundaries & Balance

Being Unloveable

Good grief!  This is SO IMPORTANT!  You have to distinguish between someone else's lack and your own.  Their lack isn't yours.  Ever. Particularly with Narcissists, Narcopaths, Sociopaths, etc.  Depending upon the degree of their illness, they can be completely incapable of loving another human being.  I'm not kidding.  They simply can't. They don't know how … Continue reading Being Unloveable


May 25, 2017: The day any chance for success (that my marriage to Walkaway Bob had) died. As soon as I woke up today and realized it's May 25, 2018, that fateful day a year ago has been on my mind.  Not because I would like to go back to that day and do anything … Continue reading Milestones

The Benefits of Crappy Situations

It doesn't matter what your "crappy situation" is, everyone finds themselves swirling in the bottom of the toilet bowl on occasion.  It happens more than once in every lifetime.  Regardless of your individual circumstances, crappy situations will find you.  Some will be milder than others.  Some will barely register on your Richter Scale.  Some will drop … Continue reading The Benefits of Crappy Situations

The Sun Doesn’t Shine on the Same Horse’s Back All the Time

One of the basic truths of life is that everything is temporary.  Even physical life itself.  So it stands to reason that every situation or circumstance is also always temporary. One year ago today, I confronted Walkaway Bob about his online dating site profile which I had found a few days before.  And such was … Continue reading The Sun Doesn’t Shine on the Same Horse’s Back All the Time

Judicious Silence Speaks Volumes

I have been accused of: Disappearing Withdrawing Being Cold Being Cruel Shutting Others Out Etc., etc., etc. I know, right?  Can you imagine anyone accusing me of these things?  😉 Now it is true that, on occasion, I have done/been each of those.  More recently though, these are side effects, if you will, of me practicing … Continue reading Judicious Silence Speaks Volumes

Stop Asking Why

  Just stop.  Stop asking yourself "Why? Why did this happen to me?".  Just stop. NOW. Many of my clients keep asking these questions.  I have never dwelled on these Why questions but I understand where they come from.  Human beings need to be able to understand why things happen in their lives for one … Continue reading Stop Asking Why