Being Unloveable

Good grief!  This is SO IMPORTANT!  You have to distinguish between someone else's lack and your own.  Their lack isn't yours.  Ever. Particularly with Narcissists, Narcopaths, Sociopaths, etc.  Depending upon the degree of their illness, they can be completely incapable of loving another human being.  I'm not kidding.  They simply can't. They don't know how … Continue reading Being Unloveable

No Contact at Thanksgiving

Holidays can be especially difficult for those going through BreakUps or for those who have instituted a No Contact Policy with certain family members or broken up with abusive people. Our "Hallmark World" can get the better of us.  Because we all SHOULD: Be with our families at Thanksgiving Honor our "mother and father" Be "good" … Continue reading No Contact at Thanksgiving

That Boy’s Just a Walkaway Joe

Someone asked me, by email, why I refer to my estranged husband as "Walkaway Bob". One thing my mother did was pass down to me her penchant for having nicknames for every human and/or animal in her life.  Hence my horse has several nicknames - The Blonde Bombshell, Babygirl, The Girl, and, when I'm not … Continue reading That Boy’s Just a Walkaway Joe

Great Resource for Dealing with Narcissists

Just found a terrific blog - The Narcissistic Personality - lots of good stuff there.  Good advice and well written.  Check it out.  

Liar, Liar

Don't you wish liars' pants really did catch on fire?  Of course, since we all lie, it probably isn't a good idea.  It sure is a fun visual if you're in Revenge Mode! For a compulsive or pathological liar, lying becomes second nature.  That's how Sociopaths pass Lie Detector tests - they're so good at … Continue reading Liar, Liar

Narcissists, Liars & Sociopaths – Part 3

Before we move on from the topic of Narcissists, let's discuss the Minimal/Low Contact and No Contact Rules for dealing with them.  Of course, any option you choose in dealing with the Narcissists in your life is up to you.  I'm not telling you what to do at all.  (Mostly because I despise when anyone … Continue reading Narcissists, Liars & Sociopaths – Part 3

Narcissists, Liars & Sociopaths – Part 2

I've often thought it's such a shame that there's not a website where people can go to list their experiences and warn potential victims about their exes.  I know that kind of thing would be fraught with all kinds of libel and slander issues, but damn it, we just ought to be able to warn … Continue reading Narcissists, Liars & Sociopaths – Part 2

Narcissists, Liars & Sociopaths – Part 1

Warriors, let's talk about Narcissists.  They come in many different varieties, and trust me, just because you've been exposed to one or two doesn't mean you'll notice one of a different variety.  There is so much to discuss on the topic of Narcissists alone that we could be busy for years to come before we … Continue reading Narcissists, Liars & Sociopaths – Part 1