May 25, 2017: The day any chance for success (that my marriage to Walkaway Bob had) died. As soon as I woke up today and realized it's May 25, 2018, that fateful day a year ago has been on my mind.  Not because I would like to go back to that day and do anything … Continue reading Milestones

The Benefits of Crappy Situations

It doesn't matter what your "crappy situation" is, everyone finds themselves swirling in the bottom of the toilet bowl on occasion.  It happens more than once in every lifetime.  Regardless of your individual circumstances, crappy situations will find you.  Some will be milder than others.  Some will barely register on your Richter Scale.  Some will drop … Continue reading The Benefits of Crappy Situations

The Sun Doesn’t Shine on the Same Horse’s Back All the Time

One of the basic truths of life is that everything is temporary.  Even physical life itself.  So it stands to reason that every situation or circumstance is also always temporary. One year ago today, I confronted Walkaway Bob about his online dating site profile which I had found a few days before.  And such was … Continue reading The Sun Doesn’t Shine on the Same Horse’s Back All the Time

Judicious Silence Speaks Volumes

I have been accused of: Disappearing Withdrawing Being Cold Being Cruel Shutting Others Out Etc., etc., etc. I know, right?  Can you imagine anyone accusing me of these things?  😉 Now it is true that, on occasion, I have done/been each of those.  More recently though, these are side effects, if you will, of me practicing … Continue reading Judicious Silence Speaks Volumes

Let’s Stop Shaming Each Other Over Grief & Sadness

There was a conversation a few weeks ago on Facebook about grief & sadness.  The typical train of thought came up: grieving the loss of a loved one is somehow more painful than going through a divorce, breakup or the like. Having never experienced the death of a spouse, I can't speak to it.  Thank … Continue reading Let’s Stop Shaming Each Other Over Grief & Sadness

Stop Asking Why

  Just stop.  Stop asking yourself "Why? Why did this happen to me?".  Just stop. NOW. Many of my clients keep asking these questions.  I have never dwelled on these Why questions but I understand where they come from.  Human beings need to be able to understand why things happen in their lives for one … Continue reading Stop Asking Why

Plan a Funeral

This past Sunday night, I decided to have a funeral.  A full blown, burn the body, funeral.  Someone said something to me last week that made me realize that, even though I've come so far in these last many months, there is still some letting go for me to do. It feels like scraping the … Continue reading Plan a Funeral

For The Good Times

I had to go through my photograph boxes last night.  A member of my family asked me to find a picture for them. So I did. And I came across this one.  It's one of the few pictures I kept of my ex, GP.  The note on the back reads: Camden, Maine, 2000 In an … Continue reading For The Good Times

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas to all of you!  It's been a tough year for some of us.  Some are thriving.  Some are sad.  Some are just putting one foot in front of the other. If nothing else, I hope you have learned from me that everything is temporary, and that you can thrive through anything life throws … Continue reading Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Take Advantage of The Winter Solstice

Today is December 21st.  The Winter Solstice.  In some circles, it is known as the "Feast of Potentials".  I love that - The Feast of Potentials. If you believe in astrology, this year the Winter Solstice is particularly powerful.  Today the Sun not only enters Capricorn but Saturn as well which foretells a major energy … Continue reading Take Advantage of The Winter Solstice